Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exercises that Help You Burn Fat Fast

Exercises could be defined as any acts which cause a physical movement of the body and burn some calories off the body. These exercises help the burning of calories faster than any given way at any given point of time. Exercises are the only means through which the body weight is reduced to the core. No other ways are considered effective or either no other means can help you lose weight fast, however, certain exercises burn fat fast than the others do.

These are mainly because of the speed and other factors other factors attached to it. These exercises are the means through which the accumulated fat in the specified areas are burned to the core which otherwise could have never been removed are burnt away in a faster. Exercises are the only source of burning calorie and every activity that involves physical movement is called exercise. These exercises could also be in the form of a household job or it could also be in the form of exercise itself mentioned with the only purpose of physical fitness.

There are certain other forms of work that reduces calories faster than the actual exercise itself. Even using your brain for studying requires a certain amount of calories that are burnt during this process. Men require more calories everyday rather than women. The daily count for a normal man is 2200 calories whereas the daily count for a normal woman is 1400 calories. The major reason is that a man requires more calories to perform a work as compared to women, who can perform with far lesser calories.

Exercises for quick weight loss and to burn fat fast are exercises, which would require a lot of stamina and strength. Only then you can work out for long hours without a bream and then burn your calories off. These exercises also need an acceptable amount of strength, never give up attitude, and a good deal of mental fitness, which in turn will naturally lead to physical fitness.

Exercises that help you reduce weight faster are as follows:

1. Skipping – burns 900 calories per hour

2. Cycling – burn 900 calories per hour

3. Jogging- the speed at which you run determines the amount of calorie burnt.

4. Aerobics – burns 900+ calories per hour

5. Dancing – the amount of calories burnt during dancing depends of the type of dance you have chosen, in any ways it burns not less than 700 calories per hour.

6. Skiing – burns not less than 700 calories per hours

7. Rowing – burns around 800 calories per hour

8. Mountaineering or trekking - could burn to the maximum depending upon the length of the journey and the level of hardness one has to Endeavor.

9. Rock climbing- rock climbing is also considered to be a highest source of calorie burner.

10. Yoga- in yoga you can determine the amount and as well as the time period within which you have to burn.

11. Household work- like sweeping, washing clothes, cooking, dish washing etc. all burns required amount of fat without yr own knowledge..

These are the various exercises to burn fat fast effectively!


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